#10: A Very Kick Knowledge Christmas Pt. 1 (w/ Frank and Gino)


Happy Holidays from the Kick Knowledge crew! In this episode, Zach and Steven are joined by friends of the pod Frank Stevens and Gino Van Oostrom, and talk about some of their favorite Christmas-themed hip-hop songs, as well as some of their favorite hip-hop projects from 2017. Tune in to the next episode where we finish our end of the year bracket and decide our favorite album of 2017!

Mentioned in the pod:

Karriem Riggins “Headnod Suite”: https://karriem-riggins.bandcamp.com/album/headnod-suite

#9: “Never Put Me In Your Box…” (w/ Frank Stevens)


In this episode, Zach and Steven are joined by producer and founder of Homebase in Groningen, Netherlands: Frank Stevens. Frank has been involved with booking agency Homebase for the past several years, who have brought some of the biggest names in hip-hop to the town of Groningen. Throughout the episode, Frank talks about his experiences meeting Pete Rock, Big Daddy Kane, and several other classic hip-hop figures. He is also the founder of the hip-hop label Tusken Tapes, and talks about producing, collecting records, and some of his favorite current hip-hop artists.

You can find Frank’s beats at:

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