2 thoughts on “#7: “Listen When I Flip The Linguistics”

  1. this is all great. each person contributes unique, great shit. but for feedback: the guest (he’s got a truckload of sweet knowledge) must stop screaming on podcasts and must stop talking over people. Let them talk. Don’t say “yeah yeah yeah” while somebody is talking. It’s fine to do that in regular conversation (kind of) but on a podcast, you got sit quietly until it is your turn. I almost had to turn this off. But, to the point, all three of you are phenomenal.


  2. p.s. Please send my feedback onto your guest. He’s a genius and his work needs to be spread far and wide. I’m afraid he might miss out on speaking gigs if he always yells and interrupts. I love his enthusiasm and wouldn’t want that to change at all.

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